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''I think that singing is good for my mental and physical health. It is also very good for my memory'' - Judy
''I really enjoy my lessons with Suzanne. As an adult my  confidence to  sing solo to an audience is lacking but Suzanne has gently encouraged and supported me in this until I can do it more confidently'' - Beverley 
I currently have about sixty pupils of all ages and all abilities. I am happy if pupils want to work towards exams but also happy if they don't! I would rather pupils are involved in music for many years rather than being put off at an early age by the pressure of exams. I use London College of Music and ABRSM exams. I organise concerts for pupils so they can get some practice in performing. Singing pupils take part in Maidenhead Music Festival each year.

At the moment I'm afraid I don't have any spaces for lessons but am happy to add names to a waiting list.